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Rekopane Group is a group of companies established in SA and UK,  developed to eradicate and address the major inequalities that exists on our continent. We strive to address radical transformation in every sector of our business. Transformation not only in our economy but in the way we do business and live on our planet.

The Mission:
The mission of the group is to establish a business with high impact, contributing towards sustainable Economic Development, Growth and Transformation. The mission is to ensure that the impact is driven responsibly, that addresses Poverty Relief, food security, adopting a Climate Change Policy that benefits the future of all.
The Vision:
The vision is that the environment is protected to allow future generations to enjoy and appreciate life on earth as we have known it. The vision is that the land will be protected and worked in a sensible and responsible way that allows for Fresh Water and food security. The only way this is achievable is by Education, Skills development and Economic Growth
The goal is to educate, skills develop and empower all to contribute towards a better life for all. Our goal is further to ensure land is obtainable in a responsible manner and ownership is obtained that offers pride and protection of ones assets. Ownership has proven the best way of protection and this will ensure the future of generations.