Rekopane Financial Holdings

Rekopane Financial Holdings has been registered and developed to secure FDI for the projects it wishes to assist in financing. Rekopane will be registered as an FSP and with the NCR that will allow RFH to operate within the Micro Real Estate Finance sector. Rekopane Finance would evaluate each application on merit offering both the owners and investors the best tailor made solution that ensures sustainability and a ROI.

Rekopane Wildlife Managment Services

Rekopane Wildlife is a division within the group that has extensive experience in the Wildlife, Biodiversity and Tourism sectors. Rekopane assists Emerging Wildlife Farmers to acquire Game Ranches, assists in an intensive mentorship program that develops and integrates the emerging game farmers into the industry.

Rekopane Agriculture Management Services

Rekopane Agriculture Management Services has been developed as a business unit where emerging farmers are trained mentored and developed into sustainable small scale and commercial farmers of the future. Rekopane Agriculture has designed and developed it Agri-Hubs within the 4th Industrial Revolution era applying Precision Agriculture and using the Internet of Things to develop and attract the youth into Agriculture.

Rekopane Real Estate

Rekopane Real Estate has been developed to assist both Emerging Wildlife and Agriculture Farmers in acquiring sound business in both sectors. Rekopane Real Estate will ensure that market related and value for the Investor is realised. Rekopane Real Estate offers assistance in both Urban and Rural real estate

Rekopane Infrastructure Construction and Engineering

Rekopane Engineering was developed as a business unit based on the amount of construction it has encountered that would be required to develop a Sustainable Social Economic Environment. Rekopane Engineering adds to the skills development required to create jobs and maintain infrastructure, equipment and homes it constructs and finances. Rekopane EPCM has the ability to design, develop and implement Green Energy systems that can deliver Electricity to Host Country's. Hydro Electricity, Waste to Energy and other renewable sources.

Rekopane Climate Change Adaptation

Rekopane Climate Change was developed to address and complement the business units ensuring that a Total Green Policy is executed and complies with the adaptation desired. Rekopane as a group embraces every aspect of Climate Change Adaptation and is committed to address and implement a stringent approach and compliance.

Social Responsibility

Rekopane's Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that as an entity, be it our organization or individuals within our organization, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. In Rekopane, Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems. Rekopane's Social responsibility means sustaining the equilibrium between the two. It pertains not only to a project but also to everyone whose, any action impacts the environment. It is a concept that aims to ensure secure Homes, Education, Sustainable Jobs, Clean water, Food security, Healthcare for the people living in rural areas and eliminate all inequality, poverty and unemployment, etc.

Rekopane Mineral Resources

Rekopane Mineral Resources was established to assist the Group in applying various minerals offered to Rekopane Group to Explore, Exploit and mine such minerals. Rekopane Mineral Resources has extensive experience in various mining operations and minerals across the continent of Africa. Rekopane Group has developed a unique Business model in applying minerals to develop S.E.E.D. Projects in Host Country's.