Rekopane Group is a Bouquet of companies established to eradicate Poverty on the continent of Africa. Our group is a multi disciplined company that delivers Turnkey Projects in DBFOOT agreements with our clients. Our clients being Governments wishing to participate in a S.E.E.D. program for the benefit of it citizens. We are experts in Real Estate-Engineering-Finance-Agriculture-Nature Conservation-Human Settlement-Climate Change Adaptation.

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Rekopane Group has been established in SA AND UK to access financial institutions and Investors to source Project Funding for projects designed and developed by the Group.

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Rekopane Group and its Business Units develop sustainable projects for the beneficiaries in a sector of sustainable goals. This sector would need to prove a market that provides the sustainability. Rekopane has extensive access to various markets Nationally and Internationally and will enter into an Off-take agreement with the Host Country to promote Export and Import markets.

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Project portfolio

Rekopane Group addresses the Inequality-Poverty-Unemployment that persists on the Continent of Africa. We apply agriculture as the pivot of sustainability to ensure the SDG's are met and the execution is achieved in a responsible and sustainable manner.